Sunday, 7 December 2008

Steven Sproat workshop - How was it?

Summed up in one word "Brilliant", everyone I spoke to was having a great day, some even commented that they had learned more from the workshop than they had done in the whole time they had been playing the uke. Although Stockton to Darlington hosted the day we had friends from a number of the North East clubs including Tune Army (No post in there yet but please register on the right hand box if you intend going) and the Ukulele Allstars ) apologies if I've missed any other clubs off, but feel free to leave a comment to advertise it :) )

Steven is a great teacher, his workshop is interspersed with songs showing off the techniques that we were learning about (some of which I managed to capture in video below), not only is he a good teacher he's a top chap, very friendly and more than happy to help out and give advice.

Thanks for a fantastic day Steven and we'll hopefully be able to arrange a follow up session sometime in the new year.

Special thanks to Simon for sorting out the room and putting on a lovely spread and to Ritchie for managing the troops at the Gateshead end.

Please Note you can double click on the video to take you to the proper youTube version where you can then select to watch it in higher quality.

Steven Sproat workshop
Steven Sproat playing Jeff's Martin.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Steven Sproat workshop

Steven Sproat workshop

Steven Sproat workshop

Robert Palmer's It Could Happen To You using Katya's ukulele (anyone know the make and model is?).


Steven Sproat workshop

Steven Sproat workshop

A little snippit of some technique.

Steven Sproat workshop

Steven Sproat workshop

12TH Street Rag

Once gain thanks to Steven and to everyone there making it a superb day.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a truly remarkable player...think I have just about cracked it mind ha ha

Well done
Many thanks
Cliff (Ritchies mate)