Thursday, 30 October 2008

Steven Sproat workshop 6th Dec

Listen up folks, we have managed to secure a workshop with Steven Sproat. its going to be held on 6th Dec, from 11-5ish at the usual place, the Railway institute club.

we really want to offer places to anyone from our club who wants to attend before we offer spaces to other uke players in the North.

so please get in touch!

the cost for the workshop is £22 per head, that includes a teaching pack, sandwiches and tea & coffee. i might even make a cake!

if you would like to pay now to confirm your space get in touch

Sunday, 26 October 2008

October Meeting and some Exciting News

Thursday's meeting went well, we're all still very much learning to play together, so we need to sort out our timings and play strums that compliment each other, this will all be fixed with time :)

This however leads me on to some exciting news, Steven Sproat has agreed to do one of his excellent Saturday workshops for us, check out Steven's website for further details or look for some of his videos on youtube. No matter what your ability this will certainly help move your uke playing up to the next level. We're still working on a suitable date but its likely to be in November or December so please if you want to attend I need for you to let me know as quickly as possible, either do this in our group forum link is on the right hand side.

I'm going to end with a little mp3 recorded from Thursday's meeting warts and all :) a little medley of some of the tunes we played

Saturday, 4 October 2008

October's Meeting is on ....

The 23rd, 7 PM as usual. Hope to see you all there.

As a quick addition if anyone is struggling with their chord shapes, I've uploaded a couple of useful chord charts to the file section of our group.

Quick Tips - Replacing Strings
We all have to do it eventually, here a re a couple of links I found useful.