Monday, 16 August 2010

This club is really jumping!

We had our most recent meet last week, and what a meet it was!

So nice to see lots of new faces, i hope to see you all on a regular basis, and to the folks who dont make it often, come on down sometime. it s a very friendly meet, with very friendly people, all the songs are projected up on the wall so no worries about not being able to join in.

At our last meet we really had the pub bouncing, what a great night, and thanks to you all for coming.

Next meet is scheduled for Thursday 26th August, start around 7pm.

If you havent come along, feel free to come, you are all very welcome.

See you all soon


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

How Did That Happen ?

On the 24th of July 2010 our little ukulele club turned 2, not sure how we missed such a significant date.

Its hard to believe that 2 years have gone by so quickly, when there was just 5 of us at our first meeting, wondering if the numbers would grow. Well I'm please to say that our numbers have grown, so much so that we are practically bursting out of our little room and with a top bunch of people as an added bonus.

Lets also not forget that we lost one of friends along the way when Jeff sadly passed away last September, we could certainly have used his mandolin playing on Maggie May.