Friday, 26 September 2008

Somewhat Quieter

After that rowdy lot from Gateshead invaded our club last month ;) it was always going to be a little quieter. But I'm please to say we had a few prospective new member come along to sit in and see what we get upto, they'll hopefully turn again at our next meeting with ukulele in hand.

Simon didn't bring along his promised cake, next time he says ;)

We're hoping to have some new song printouts for the next meeting. You'll find the nine songs in our file section of our google group, link here ==>

While I'm on the subject of the group, please make sure you sign up to it, by doing so you will receive an email every time a post is added in there, it will keep you upto date regarding meeting etc.

Couple of Quick tips
Do yourself a favour and download APTuner its a briliant tuner for the PC all you need is a microphone plugged into your computer, its better than any clip on tuner.
Link here ==>

Tip number 2 - If you're not familiar with a song we might be doing, simply search for it on youtube, it will almost certainly be on there, here an example of a song thats becoming a favourite of ours

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