Friday, 22 August 2008

Night of a Thousand Ukes

Ok maybe not quite a thousand but I wanted to use the title ;)

Thursday the 21st was the second meeting of the club and saw the numbers swell from 5 to I think I counted 18. Now admittedly more than a sizable chunk was brought along by Ritchie from the Gateshead area, no doubt lured by the cheap beer from the bar below and the promise of cake also brought along by Ritchie (I think we need a club rule that states he brings cake to every meeting). Its a 35 minute trek from Gateshead to Darlington, I know because I do it myself, so we're very grateful they came along to give us some support and to show us how it should be done, you're more than welcome to come along any time guys :)

Besides the Gateshead crew we also had a couple of others turn up after seeing the site and adverts in the Northern Echo, again we're really pleased you turned up :)

There are a few photos to come, I'll post those separately. Don't forget to keep an eye on our Google group for the date of the next meeting

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