Friday, 25 July 2008

The First Meeting

On the 24th July 2008 the Stockton to Darlington Ukulele Express had their first meeting at the Darlington Railway Institute Club. Special thanks to Simon Brown for organising and finding a venue.

Five turned up in total and though not a huge amount it was a great start which will hopefully see the numbers grow in the future.

Left to right Simon, Janet, Ken, Ritchie and Keith

The plan is initially to meet every three to four weeks, with members to bring along and showcase to the rest of the club (if they feel confident enough to do so) something that that they have been working on, some of these songs could end up the club song book.

Six songs have been chosen initially for members to practice and then play together in a group at the meetings, I'll post separately with links to the songs.


Anonymous said...

I think it was a great idea to fingerprint everyone.... I thoroughly enjoyed the night thanks to all of you ...and what a cracking barmaid!!



Dave said...

So sorry I was not at the first meeting, although your numbers were few I bet you had a great time. I sure hope to be onshore at the next meeting. We had a uke concert offshore this week with songs from the Beach Boys, beatles, Monkeys, Troggs, Cliff Bennett, kinks to name but a few. Look forward to meeting you all soon. Dave Maclean Toft Hill